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The mission of CSWS Epilepsy & Landau Kleffner Syndrome (ESES) Foundation Inc. is to raise public awareness and passionately pursue research into epilepsies associated with Electrical Status Epilepticus During Sleep (ESES) in hopes to find a cure or better treatments, to provide support to individuals and families impacted by the disease, and to increase our understanding of the causes of SUDEP and its prevention.  

Why we're here?

CSWS epilepsy, also referred to as  (ESES), is an uncommon epilepsy syndrome in which children lose a wide range of developmental abilities, including language, motor skills, memory, and visuospatial skills. This syndrome occurs in school-aged children and in many children there is no known cause of epilepsy.  When children just lose language skills it is referred to as  Landau-Kleffner Syndrome.  Early identification and treatment is imperative to preserve their neuropsychological development. 

Our History

This volunteer organization was founded by parents with the purpose of raising public awareness, expediting research to find a cure and better treatments and providing support to affected individuals and families. It was established in the state of Virginia on September 8, 2016.  We intend to make application under Internal Revenue Service Section 501(c)(3).  However, no donations for this organization are being accepted at this time. 

Current Events


Sing & Play 4 Kids benefiting Boston Children's Hospital

We are excited to have launched the Sing & Play 4 Kids Challenge in December 2016.  Through the challenge, we are raising public awareness and research funds for doctors and researchers at Boston Children's Hospital.  Every dollar raised supports ESES research.  To donate, participate or learn more click HERE! 

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